A Small Patch

Which principality of Europe consists of a 61 square mile patch of land located between Austria and Switzerland? Answer: Liechtenstein

Island Hopping FOREVER

While most are uninhabited, which country in Europe has the most islands of any other country with nearly 270,000? Answer: Sweden

The Little Province

Originally part of the French colony of Arcadia, which Canadian province is the smallest by population and land area, but the most densely populated? Answer: Prince Edward Island

End of the Line

What major U.S. city is at the western terminus of the Erie Canal, which was completed in 1825 and connected the Great Lakes to the Atlantic Ocean? Answer: Buffalo, New …

Stop Touching Me

There are two states that share a border with eight other states. What are these two states? Answer: Tennessee & Missouri

Classical Graffiti

“The Last Supper” by Leonardo da Vinci was painted on a wall in the refectory of the Convent of Santa Maria delle Grazie in what Italy city between 1495 and …

Run River Run

The Rio Grande, or Rio Bravo in Mexico, is one of the main rivers flowing through the southwestern United States. It empties into the Gulf of Mexico. In what state …