The Shell Game

A turtle shell is primarily made up of two parts. The underside is the plastron. What is the proper name for the upper shell? Answer: Carapace

It’s a Wing Thing

Which seabird has the longest wingspan of any living bird species measuring up to 12 feet? Answer: albatross

Peel the Onion

What layer of the planet earth includes the crust and the topmost portion of the upper mantle? Answer: Lithosphere

Nighttime Natural Wonders

There are both northern and southern lights in the night sky, one in each hemisphere. The northern lights are known as Aurora Borealis. What are the southern lights known as? …

Avian Aerobatics

Member of the Trochilidae family of birds are the only birds the can fly backwards, or even upside-down. By what common name are these birds known? Answer: Hummingbirds

A Glandular Locale

The adrenal glands are triangular shaped glands found at the top of what vital bodily organ? Answer: Kidney

Pre-Continental Divide

What name is given to the super-continent that existed from the late Paleozoic to the late Triassic periods before it broke apart into the the continents we know today? Answer: …