Little Pieces

The stapes bone is the smallest bone in the human body measuring approximately.11 inches in length. Where in the human body would you find the stapes bone? Answer: the ear

Hairy Situations

Located near the root of human hair follicles, the arrector pili muscles are responsible for what phenomenon? Answer: Goosebumps

Group Effort

What term is used to describe a group of similar cells that work together to perform a specific function, such as muscle or nerve cells? Answer: Tissue

The Hole Issue

What is the name of the theoretical boundary around a black hole, beyond which nothing can escape, including light? Answer: The Event Horizon

Solar Spin

What Italian physicist, sometimes called the father of observational astronomy, ran afowl with the Catholic Church in 1615 because he championed Copernican heliocentrism? Galileo Galilei

All That Glitters

What abundant sulfide mineral’s chemical formula is FeS2 and, due to it’s natural coloring and luster, is commonly called Fool’s Gold? Answer: pyrite or iron pyrite

The Hole Story

What do you call the depression left behind after a volcano explodes and it falls in on itself because it’s magma chamber is empty? Answer: Caldera