Berry of Love

What edible berry of the solanum lycopersicum plant is sometimes referred to as the “love apple” because it was thought to have been an aphrodisiac? Answer: tomato

Fanfare for Haircuts

The classic “Shave and a Haircut” call-and-response ends with the words “two bit”. If you could get a haircut for two bit and then you generously tipped your barber an …

No Extensions Please

What font, created in 1957, gets its name from the old Latin name for the pre-Roman tribes who inhabited the area that is now Switzerland? Answer: Helvetica

Early Voting Rights

First as a territory in 1869 and then automatically when it became the 44th state in 1890, which U.S. state was the first to grant women the right to vote? …

Pop Satisfaction

Bubble wrap makes great packing material, but, when it was originally invented, what were the inventors trying to create? Answer: 3D Wallpaper

Not Unsolicited Emails

The first can of SPAM was produced in July of 1937, and soon captured the hearts and ire of fine food lovers all around the world. The name “SPAM” is …